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No need to wait, these rifles are in stock and ready for pick-up, or to ship to the FFL of your choice. Email

for more information.

204 Ruger

204 Ruger

Weaver Rifles Custom 204 Ruger.  Built on a Lone Peak Razor custom action.  Timney Calvin Elite trigger; set @ 6 ozs.  Kreiger 11 twist Remington Varmint Contour barrel finished @ 26".  McMillan Hunter Benchrest stock filled with lead.  Rifle weights 17lbs as photographed.  13 3/4"LOP. New test fired only. 



223 REM

Weaver Rifles Custom 223 REM.  Built on a Defiance Tenacity action.  TI Nitrated action only.   All other metal parts ceramic coated matte black.  Huber Concept 2 stage trigger; set @ 1½lbs.  Hawkins DBM Bottom metal.  Hawkins 5 round magazine and a MDT 10 round magazine.  Lilja SS 3G Remington Varmint contour, finished @ 24”.  Picatinny rail. McMillan stock 13½”lop.  Glass bedded, free floated barrel.  Stock painted OD green with gray and Black Lichen pattern.  Soft touch finish.  Test Fired ONLY. 




300 WIN

Weaver Rifles Custom 300 Winchester. Built on a Defiance Tenacity action.  Benchmark 10 T barrel finished @ 24” plus muzzle brake.  Hawkins BDL bottom metal. Trigger Tech trigger set @ 2 lbs. Banser Miller classic stock.  Action is TI Nitrated all other metal parts ceramic coated matte black.  13½” LOP over 1” Pachmyer recoil pad.  Stock painted green with black specs.  Talley rings and bases.  Comes with 198 rounds of 180 gr Nosler Accubond Choice ammo and 42 pieces of brass.  Rifle has been shot 42 times.  Owner has a detached retina and doctor has recommend he not shoot any more rifles. Rifle weights 7.2 lbs. as pictured. $4500 + shipping to your FFL.

35 Whelen

Weaver Rifles Custom 35 Whelen. Built on Winchester M70 Pre-64 Transition action.  Blue printed.  Feeds great.  English Walnut Stock 13½”LOP  Krieger 10T Custom contoured barrel finished @ 22”.  Rifle has NECG sights.  All metal is rust blued.  This is Kevin’s personal Rifle.  Rifle weights 7lbs 6 ounces as photographed.



300 Norma Improved

Flatline Precision Custom 300 Norma Improved.  Built on a Kelbly action.  McMillan Game Hunter Edge stock.  13.625” LOP.  Stock pained Gray with black Specks.  Proof Carbon wrapped Sendero barrel finished @ 24”.  Leupold VX 5-HD 4-20x52 scope with CDS Turret.  500 Berger 30 cal EdL Elite Hunter 245 grain Bullets.  99 pieces of ATLAS Development Group 300 Norma Standard brass. $6000.00 for everything + shipping to FFL holder.

300 Weatherby

300 WBY built on a Winchester M70 long classic Magnum action.   Black Burn bottom metal.  Custom checkered bolt knob and release. Benchmark 10 twist #2 contour barrel finished @ 24”.  All metal parts ceramic coated black.  Echols Legend stock with 13½”LOP.  Test fired only.  Owner moved to Maine and does not need rifle. $3000.00 as pictured.

Cobb300WBY (2).JPG

300 PRC

300 PRC. Built on a BAT HR action. Action only is TI Nitrated. Proof Sendero 9 twist 24” barrel + Hawkins 3 Port muzzle brake.  Hawkins Hunter Detachable Bottom metal. One magazine.  Trigger Tech trigger set @ 2 lbs. All other metal is ceramic coated matte black.  McMillan Game Warden stock 13 5/8”LOP with Flush cups and 2” Pic Rail.  Stock painted OD Green, tan and black Lichen.  Rifle weights 8bs 14 oz with Leupold VX 5 HD 3-15 scope. Hawkins Light Tactical rings with off set level. Comes with 100 Rounds ELD-X 212 gr ammo $7500.00 plus shipping to your FFL holder. Rifle is sighted in and ready to go hunting.

6.5 PRC

Weaver Rifles custom 6.5 PRC. Built on a Defiance AnTI action.  Proof 8T Sendero Light barrel finished @ 24”.  Meraki Machine Self Timing Muzzle Brake.  Hawkins Hunter Detachable Bottom Metal with one Magazine.  Trigger Tech trigger set @ 2lbs.  Banser Miller Classic stock 13½"LOP over 1" Pachmyer Recoil pad.  Stock painted Gray with black and light gray webbing.  New test fired only.   $5500.00 shipping to your FFL holder.




257 Weatherby built on a blue printed MKV action.  Benchmark SS #3 contour8T straight fluted barrel finished @24” + Hawkins muzzle brake.  Weatherby stock glass bedded and painted black with gray webbing.  13 ½” LOP over Pachmyer recoil pad.  All metal parts coated matte black.  Trigger set @ 3lbs.  43 rounds thru barrel. With 133Gr Berger bullets; Weatherby brass; CCI 200 Primer; and 75gr N570 Velocity 3422 f/s.  This load is considered MAX and should be used ONLY in this rifle. Test Scope NOT included.  $2500.00 + shipping to FFL holder.

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